Food Banks of Saskatchewan Newsletter: November 2020

PDF Version: Food Banks of SK Newsletter November 2020

Nutrien Provides $250,000 Lead Gift for the Food Banks of Saskatchewan’s Home for the Holidays Campaign

 November 23, 2020 

This holiday season, Nutrien is leading off the Food Banks of Saskatchewan’s holiday campaign with a cash donation of $250,000. The campaign, titled ‘Home for the Holidays’, starts today and runs through December 31, 2020. 

Donations received during the campaign will be distributed to 36 food banks across the province and donors have the ability to designate their donation directly to one of the registered food banks. 

Laurie O’Connor, Executive Director of Food Banks of Saskatchewan, says “The Home for the Holidays campaign recognizes that this season will look different for most of us this year and encourages people to make a donation in lieu of one of the ‘regular’ holiday activities you may have to miss. The amount you might normally spend on an evening out enjoying a seasonal concert with friends, could provide a family with a complete hamper for the holidays.” 

Mark Thompson, Nutrien Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer, says “At Nutrien we recognize the importance of ensuring food security both locally and globally, especially given the challenges that COVID-19 has posed in our communities. We’re proud to partner with the Food Banks of Saskatchewan to ensure that every family has food on the table this holiday season. As lead donor for the Home for the Holidays campaign, we invite everyone in Saskatchewan who can, to join us in giving generously to their local food bank once again this year.” 

Saskatchewan’s food banks have responded to the changing needs of folks in their communities during the pandemic and will continue to support those who need their services. 

Nutrien has donated over $7.5M since 2010 to the Food Banks of Saskatchewan including a $100,000 gift earlier this year towards the Crisis Response Fund. 

To donate today please visit: 


Laurie O’Connor 

Executive Director, Food Banks of Saskatchewan 

[email protected] 

(306) 664-6565 

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Food Banks of Saskatchewan Newsletter: October 2020

PDF Version: Food Banks of SK Newsletter October 2020


A Saskatchewan individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) has made a generous donation of $200,000 in addition to a $100,000 donation earlier this year to address food insecurity through Food Banks of Saskatchewan.

The donor has chosen to direct the latest contribution to the two largest food banks in the province: Regina Food Bank and Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre. This gift was made through the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation, which serves as a bridge between donors and charities in Regina and southern SK.

“They have chosen to give to the food banks because they know this time is difficult for many and food is a necessity that can provide hope, energy, positive mental health and comfort for a better tomorrow. They hope this gift inspires others in Saskatchewan to give if they can too,” says Donna Ziegler, Executive Director of South Saskatchewan Community Foundation.

“2020 has been a difficult year for many in our community and we will put these dollars to work to ensure a food secure community,” Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre Executive Director Laurie O’Connor on the donation.

Regina Food Bank has seen an increase in usage since the pandemic started, serving approximately 500 clients every day. “We are incredibly touched by this gift.  The fall is typically a time when our food bank sees a spike in usage and we expect this year will be no different.  This gift will have a profound impact on our ability to serve,” says John Bailey, CEO of Regina Food Bank.

Thank you VERY much to this extremely generous, anonymous donor!


Food Banks of Saskatchewan Newsletter: August 2020

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Food Banks of Saskatchewan Newsletter: July 2020

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Food Banks of Saskatchewan Newsletter: June 2020

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Feeding Saskatchewan Together 

Saskatchewan Construction, Mining and Supply industries join Nutrien to support Food Banks of Saskatchewan 

 Saskatchewan, May 25, 2020 – In partnership with Nutrien, members of the construction, mining and supply industries have come together to support the Food Banks of Saskatchewan during these challenging economic times. Together, these organizations have quite literally built this province; from the roads and buildings to the mines that employ thousands of our neighbours and provide resources to the world. This week, the Feeding Saskatchewan Together Campaign will be raising funds to support the Food Banks of Saskatchewan. The campaign will launch with an initial collective contribution of over $300,000 including a $100,000 leadership donation from Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd., which will be matched with an additional $100,000 donation from Nutrien. Participating organizations include members of the Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA), the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA), Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) and Merit Contractors Association. 

The 32 Food Banks across Saskatchewan are on the front lines working to support the most economically vulnerable during this crisis. On average, the cost to supply food to those in need across Saskatchewan is estimated to be $1 million a month. “The support we are seeing from organizations and individuals across the province is remarkable and will make an incredible impact on those that we serve”, said Laurie O’Connor, Executive Director of Food Banks of Saskatchewan. 

There isn’t a construction or mining project in our province that doesn’t require collaboration from multiple companies and suppliers, so it’s only natural to see these organizations come together to support families in need across our province. “Saskatchewan has been our home – where we’ve lived and worked – for generations. We have been fortunate to continue working during these extraordinary times and look at this as one way we can help take care of each other to support those who are struggling. Together we are building today for tomorrow” said Mary Panteluk, of Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd. 

The Food Banks of Saskatchewan launched the Covid-19 Crisis Response Fund in early April with the goal of raising $6M to support the needs of the community over the coming six months. Shocking to many, 40% of distributed food supplies are going to support children. 

“Saskatchewan is our home and we need to work together to ensure our communities are well fed and cared for through this crisis. We are proud to join forces with our industry partners and hope others are able to join us in supporting our food banks, “said Candace Laing, Nutrien’s Vice President of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations. 

The Crisis Response Fund has seen generous, unprecedented support from across the province. To make your contribution to the Food Banks of Saskatchewan Crisis Response Fund, please visit, For more information on how your organization can support, please contact, [email protected] 


Food Banks of Saskatchewan Newsletter: May 2020

PDF Version: Food Banks of SK Newsletter May 2020

Food Banks of Saskatchewan Launches Province-Wide Crisis Response Fund

Unprecedented demand expected at Saskatchewan’s 32 food banks due to the COVID-19 crisis

April 2, 2020

Saskatchewan – April 2, 2020 – Saskatchewan’s urban and rural communities are facing a crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime.

With an escalating demand for food from families across the province, the 32 Food Banks across Saskatchewan are in desperate need of financial support. Today, Food Banks of Saskatchewan is launching a $6M province-wide campaign to ensure that families are not left hungry over the coming six months.  Donations can be made at:

In an average month the 32 Food Banks across our province support approximately 40,000 residents, a number that will skyrocket as our most economically vulnerable families experience layoffs due to COVID-19.

Laurie O’Connor, Executive Director of Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre summarized the situation as, “a crisis unlike any we have ever experienced. As we witnessed in the recession in 2008, food banks were hard pressed to meet demand. We anticipate that the economic impact of COVID-19 will see thousands of people visiting us who never imagined they would be forced to rely on a food bank to survive.” 


Tens of thousands of Saskatchewan residents will be out of work due to this crisis. At the same time, food donations are decreasing as people make fewer trips to the supermarket and are more focused on securing food supplies for their own family.  Financial donations from the community will make an immediate difference.  A $100 donation will feed two families for a week, $400 will put food on the plates of eight families.

The need for social distancing has also decreased volunteer staffing levels and is requiring Food Bank teams to establish alternative distribution methods to minimize social contact.  Local Food Bank teams are also ramping up the creation of To-Go boxes for quick food hamper pick up.

John Bailey, CEO of Regina Food Bank has been working around the clock to source food and ramp up logistics in the face of the COVID-19 crisis; “Economic pressures will lead to a surge in demand on our food bank unlike anything our community has experienced before.  Hundreds of thousands of meals worth of food will be delivered to people, many of whom will never have considered that they would need to rely on a food bank. We will have to change the way we operate to meet the needs of our community, and we need the support of our community to make it happen.”

Saskatchewan has a culture of giving, through volunteerism and financial support of causes that positively impact our communities.  Laurie O’Connor has seen this first-hand, “If there is one thing I have learned in my time at the food bank, it is that the generous spirit of the people of Saskatchewan is never more apparent than when the chips are down. And right now, we fear it’s just the beginning. “

Contributions to the Food Banks of Saskatchewan Crisis Response fund can be made at:


Food Banks of Saskatchewan (FBS) is the provincial association of food banks working together to build, support and strengthen relationships with the community to better serve and advocate on behalf of hungry and food insecure people across Saskatchewan. In 2019, FBS served approximately 40,000 people per month, 42% of them children, through foods banks reaching every part of the province . The seven largest food banks are in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Battlefords, Moose Jaw, Lac La Ronge and Rosthern. Food banks in Saskatoon and Regina provide the infrastructure for the provincial association.

For Additional Information or to discuss a major gift contribution:

Contact: [email protected]