Get Involved


Your support will have a big impact in someone’s life.  There are several ways you can support hungry families and individuals across Saskatchewan;

Donate food, funds or time as a volunteer at your local food bank.

Financial support makes possible the provinicial distribution of food and essential household items to our member food banks.

Food is at the heart of all we do.  Our most needed food items are:

  1. Pasta or pasta sauces
  2. Canned and frozen meats and fish
  3. Meat alternatives (peanut butter, soy, assorted packaged nuts)
  4. Canned goods (beans, soups, and stews)
  5. Dairy (fresh, canned, and powdered milk)
  6. Canned vegetables and fruit
  7. Whole grain cereals
  8. Infant foods and baby formula
  9. Bathroom tissue and diapers
  10. Personal hygiene products


The business and corporate community play an important role in the health of our communities.  Through your workplace, there are several ways you can support hungry families and individuals across Saskatchewan;

  • Consider a financial donation to support the acquisition and distribution of food to members across the province
  • Hold a food drive, a customer appreciation event or an open house with donations supporting your local food bank or Food Banks of Saskatchewan
  • Offer a discount on your products or services used by your local food bank
  • Volunteer with your workplace, church, club or community organization as a teambuilding event and support your local food bank

School Groups

Groups from all levels of education play an important role in assisting local food banks in serving their community.
Students can get involved in food collection, dedicating their time to volunteering, learning about the effects of hunger on children and providing a voice to the community in support of disadvantaged children.

To learn more about how you can get involved today, please contact your local food bank to make a difference in your community